Baden-Baden International Tango Festival

In collaboration with BadenBaden Events

08th-10th November 2024

Magistic scenery and world heritage sites: The Kurhaus, the Casino, Benazet Hall. Tango world stars with breathtaking shows, inspiring orchestras and first-class Djs.


Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragon

Alexander Moncada & Martina Waldman

Julián Sanchez & Bruna Estellita 

Carlitos Espinoza & Agustina Piaggio

DeLeones Tango Orquesta 

Tango to dance with your eyes and ears. Power, vitality and sensitivity characterise the music of the DeLeones Tango Orquesta from Buenos Aires/Lyon. With ten musicians (three bandoneons, piano, double bass, three violins, viola and cello), they take us on a journey into the past, to a black and white Buenos Aires where tango, born on the pavement and in the suburbs, conquered the world. Modelled on the great tango orchestras of the 40s and 50s, the ensemble plays the tangos of the most important composers of the Golden Age. The mastermind is Patricio Bonfiglio, who founded the Orquesta Típica Fernández Fierro with Julian Peralta more than twenty years ago and later the group Astillero. It is impossible to escape the musical energy that is generated on stage from the very first notes. The dancing and listening audience will get their money’s worth.

Solo Tango Orquesta


Braulio Martos (Lausanne/Argentina)

Ornella Simonetto (BsAs)

Lucas Molina Cazcon (BsAs)

Alice Pollak (Germany)